Settling & Admissions

Settling & Admissions

The settling-in period generally lasts for a week. However, if we feel that your child needs longer, we will discuss it with you and possibly look to extend this period.

We ask that parents make arrangements for this week and not have any work commitments as we may require a lot of input from you. Staff and parents need to work together to ensure that this week runs smoothly for your child. You and your child will be allocated a key person who will work closely with you, especially in the settling week.

Day 1
Today, you will stay at the nursery for an hour and meet with your child's key person. Together you will fill in relevant paper work and sign your childcare contract. You will also be given the opportunity to read through our policies and procedures. Your child will have the opportunity to explore the nursery and meet all the staff and children. Your child will not be left at the nursery today.

Day 2
Today, if you feel comfortable, you will be able to leave your child at the nursery for two hours. We ask that parents stay close to the nursery premises so that we are able to contact you if your child becomes upset or distressed. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your child, please inform your key person, who will settle a pace which is comfortable for you.

Day 3
If everything went well yesterday during your child's short stay at nursery and you feel comfortable, your child will stay for the morning session and have lunch at the nursery. We will ask you to collect your child at 12.30pm.

Day 4
Today your child will stay at nursery for lunch and tea. We will ask you to collect at 4.00pm.

Day 5
Today will be your child's first full day. They may stay for breakfast, lunch and tea. We ask parents to ensure that their child is collected no later than 5.00pm.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the settling in process, please speak to your key person or a senior member of staff who will be happy to help you.

It is important that parents and staff communicate and work in partnership with each other to ensure we build a good foundation to the rest of your child's stay at nursery.

Please honour the times given to you to collect your child during the settling week, as they are given to you for a reason. We believe that gradually introducing your child into the nursery is the most successful way of ensuring that your child makes positive progress.

Good luck!